you thought we were kidding…

11 Jun

the proof is in the puddin’…


let’s just list the awesomesauce in this drawer of cdog’s:

  • UTZ pretzels
  • UTZ chips
  • Orville Redenbacher popcorn
  • Kettlecorn Popcorn
  • Hershey’s bar
  • and the most delicious thing of all – CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER! seriously the best thing, ever. EVER

so this brings me to another BEST THING EVER – reese’s peanut butter cups. when the chocolate and the peanut butter hit my 9,000 taste buds it’s like magic. really. there tends to be fireworks and abracadabra’s out the ass. if you ever can’t think of something to get me for my birthday (december 28) or for coolest girl ever day (july 1) or single’s awareness day (february 14), you can get me reese’s peanut butter cups. and hey, i’m not even picky, i’ll take the regular ones or the miniature ones. there’s even a 1lb. peanut butter cup (don’t get me that one though. i would be offended). all this talk about reese’s cup is making me want a beer… is it 5 pm yet?

and just in case you missed this at some point in your life… – how to eat a reese’s peanut butter cup. my preference – i bite off the edges and all the chocolate and then eat the peanut butter… weird? i don’t care, i just ate a pb cup and you didn’t. pow!

love fest in my mouth

signing off to go eat another pb cup



2 Responses to “you thought we were kidding…”


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    […] it’s home-made by my roommates family in the good ole state of maine – stone fox farm creamery.  it’s peanut buttery and chocolate chippity and awesome! i seriously can’t get enough of this fantastic almost medicinal concoction of perfection. it’s the best peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream i have ever tasted. and for those that know me, i love pb cc ice cream or well anything pb and chocolate for that matter. […]

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    […] National Popcorn Day! Since this blog started our as an ode to all things snacks. I thought it would be appropriate to mention today as a day of celebration. We all have co-workers […]

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